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Hi! I'm Stacy and I'm in the practical answer business. So, no jargon, no complicated mind-games ...Just easy-to-follow, easy-to-understand strategies from me "making it through" ....that will help you ​through. Let's Talk!

Contact me at 619 807-2668 or

Single Session~ $40.00 (per hour, for 1 hour)

Double Session ~$35.00 (per hour for 2 hours)

Multiple Sessions~  Package of 4     $150.00

                                Package of 6      $220.00

                                 Package of 8      $300.00


about Stacy Dyson and  CLEARLY

"Like the mother we all wish we had, the sister we all need and truth like a whip when I need the truth talked into me. She SEES me and shows me a version on myself I can believe in."

 Sierra Melcher, CEO

Red Thread Publishing

"Stacy has been a strong support in my life through her coaching and friendship. I am so grateful for everything she's helped me deal with. I couldn't have made it through these past few months without her support and guidance. She helped me in a time when I was ill and overwhelmed with the stress and grief of life. She helped me untangle my thoughts and emotions and find practical solutions to help me prioritize the important things in life"

                                 Christine Ponce-Diaz, Musician


"Stacy Dyson is an extremely attuned and effective life coach whose services have been extremely successful in reaching my potential. She patiently assisted me with my goals in self-improvement, and her insight has promoted personal growth in several areas of my life. With Stacy’s services, I’ve soared past many things I thought were limitations and have lived a better life, as a result; I’ve learned to be a better me. There’s not a price on that."

                                    Kelley Osborne, Poet


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